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Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Jan 12 13:35:58 EST 2004

Here is some information for the website. I hope somebody will structure it 
and put it in. (I'm good at providing information, but not very good at web 

Some of the websites below are in Swedish only, while others are in English or 
have a link to an English version.

Regular travel
Most major European airlines have flights to Göteborg. Information about the 
major airport, Landvetter and which companies fly there can be found at: 

If you fly from outside Europe, you will have to change flights somewhere. 
Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Paris are 
common places to change at.

By boat you can travel from Kiel (http://www.steanaline.se), Newcastle 
(http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/), Kristiansand (http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/) 
and Fredrikshavn (http://www.steanaline.se).

Göteborg is 3 hours from Stockholm and Copenhagen by High Speed Train, and 
approximately as much from Oslo, with a regular train. Summer prices on the 
High Speed Trains are usually decent, while they are quite expensive the rest 
of the year.

Budget travel
Virgin Express flies from Brussels
Ryanair flies from Stanstead, Glasgow and Frankfurt Hahn to Göteborg Säve
Malmo Aviation flies from Nice in summer
Sterling flies from Milan, Oslo, Nice, Madeira and southern Spain. Rome, Crete 
and Barcelona are accessible through Copenhagen or Oslo. 

There are a number of charter operators flying between Sweden, southern 
Europe, Northern Africa, Turkey, Israel and Thailand. Some of them have spare 
seats for sale. It may be worth checking with these companies. If you want 
help locating such companies, please contact the Europython team with 
information on where you want to travel from.

For most of these, the earlier you book, the better prices you will get.

Bus is the abolutely cheapest alternative from some destinations.
Svenska buss (domestic only) 
Säfflebuss (domestic, Olso, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin) 
Swebus Express (domestic, Norway, Denmark) 

Notes for travellers from Eastern Europe
There are no low budget flights directly between Eastern Europe and 
Göteborg.Options to look for are flights to Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm, 
from where you have a reasonably short bus journey. There are ferries to 
Sockholm from Finland and Estonia and between Poland/Germany and southern 

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