[EuroPython] Refereed paper track

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Jan 12 20:40:41 EST 2004

I would like to propose that we have a short refereed paper track with the 
following parameters:

1. 6-8 papers maximum accepted. You can give a regular talk (subject to 
regular track chair approval) even if your paper isn't accepted in the 
refereed track.

2. According to Laura, Alex Martelli and Armin Rigo are interested in being 
selection comittee. More volunteers would be welcome.

3. We currently don't have a track chair for a refereed paper track. 
Volunteers happily accepted.

4. If we exceed budget on the income side, we set aside a portion of the 
additional funds to sponsor travel for authors of selected papers. Funds are 
made available to the selection comittee for distribution to what they 
consider most interesting/worthy causes.
(We know this could attract some very interesting speakers who would otherwise 
be unable to come.)

5. Travel subsidies have to be applied for with the paper abstract.

6. Schedule for submission to be decided by the selection comittee.

7. Refereed papers should be focused on core Python, Python modules, Python 
extensions or scientific applications of Python.

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