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Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Tue Jan 13 07:31:48 EST 2004

In a message of Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:17:47 +0100, Jacob Hallén writes:
>Hi folks,
>I hope you have all have had a nice holiday season and that you are pegge
>d for 
>getting Europython on the way. I think it is time to hold a meeting to ha
>out a number of things.
>I propose that we hold this meeting on Thursday (15 January) at 18.00 CET
>. The 
>forum is as before the #europython IRC channel on freenode. Mail to the l
>if you don't know how to access this.
>Please mail to the list if you plan to be there, or if you have problems 
>making it. If this time is impossible for too many of the interested part
>we may have to reschedule.

I will be there.

>Below is a list of things I would like to put on the agenda. Please add i
>to this list.
>- Fixing of hours for the conference
>- Preliminary selection of room sizes
>- Perks for people giving talks/arranging conference
>- Reconfirmation of tracks and track chairs
>- Talks and papers - how to register
>- Refereed paper track
>- Participant registration - early bird, cutoff, on site - procedure, pay
>- Registration for lodging - procedure, payment
>- Lunch - ambition, cost
>- Coffee - ambition, costs
>- Conference dinner - ambition, costs
>- Responsible person for catering

   I volunteer for that one.  Wanted -- aside from a vegetarian option,
   do we have any other major food constraints?

>- Information for participants - when and how much
>- Website - responsibilites, division of labour, technology, design
>- Marketing - press releases, forums
>- Corporate participation, sponsorship
>- Local volunteers

- Tutorials -- do we want any¸ anybody want to give any, anybody want
  some topics covered?

- Sprints

- Accomodations

>- Time planning - deadlines for when things have to be done
>- Budget
>It is good if people put together comments before the meeting on subjects
> they 
>feel strongly about, or feel they have important input on. That way we wi
>be more efficient while on line. I will try to send input on a number of 
>subjects myself.
>Jacob Hallén
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