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Again, some information for the website

gata (definate article gatan) = street
väg (vägen) = road
Korsvägen = Crossroads, name of a place where lots of traffic comes together
plats (platsen) - place, open area
torg (torget) - square

Arriving at Säve - RyanAir
This is a small airport located in the middle of nowhere, about 30 minutes 
from the city centre. There is a transit bus that leaves the airport just 
after all the passengers have gotten their luggage. One way fare is SEK 40, 
which you need to have in Swedish money. I don't think there is an ATM at 
this airport, but there is an exchange machine that takes Euro and £, giving 
SEK (probably at a lousy rate). If you miss the bus and are on a small 
budget, you can walk 400m down to the throughfare and take a public bus 
there. It runs every 30 minutes in daytime, and it only costs SEK 20 to get 
you to town.

Arriving at Landvetter Airport - All other airlines
Landvetter is situated about 20 minutes inland from Göteborg and it is a fair 
sized airport. It has ATMs and a Forex exchange office. Buses to Göteborg run 
every 15 minutes or every 30 minutes, depending on time and day. Bus fare is 
SEK 60, one way. You are most likely to want to get off at Korsvägen, which 
is the first stop, or Nils Ericssonterminalen, which is the last one. More 
about that in the part about public transit.

Arriving at the Stena ferry terminal
There are 2 terminals, one for ferries from Kiel and one for ferries from 
Fredrikshavn in Denmark. To get to a tramline, you walk about 3 blocks 
inland, perpendicular to the docks. Take the first tram that goes in an 
up-river direction. They all go to the centre of town.

Public transit
All public transit runs on a single coupon system. You buy coupon cards for 
SEK 100 each at Pressbyrån, Tidpunkten and other marked outlets. When you 
travel on the coupon cards, you put in the card in the machine on the vehicle 
and press the correct number of tickets. Unless travelling to far out 
suburbs, you will always stamp 2 coupons. This is valid for 1.5 hours of 
unlimited travel. When boarding a new vehicle within this period of time, you 
put in your card and press the white button marked "BYTE" (no, it is not an 
octet, it means change in Swedish). If your card runs out, you pay what is 
left in cash to the driver (or start a new card, if you have one). You can 
pay a full ticket in cash, but that costs SEK 20, as opposed to SEK 13.30 with 
the coupon card.
Owl service (after midnight) charges double rates.
Information on the local transit system, including bus and tram maps, can be 
found at 

Getting to the tourist apartments at Utlandagatan
Take the 51 or 52 bus to Utlandagatan.  Walk along Utlandagatan until you 
have a large complex of red brick buildings on your left. The rooms are 
somwhere in this warren.

Getting to the conference venue
If you are staying at the tourist apartments at Utlandagatan, the best way is 
to walk. This takes about 20 minutes If you are staying further away, you 
take trams 6, 7, 8, 10, 13 or 14, or bus 58 to the stop "Chalmers". This is 
the main entrance of Chalmers. Walk through the entrance portal and continue 
150 meters straight ahead until you are at the conference venue

You will find a map of Chalmers at http://www.chalmers.se/HyperText/Maps.html.
The entrance to the conference venue is at the red arrow just below the word 

More information in English about Chalmers can be found at 

For tourist information in Swedish, English, French and German, please visit 

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