[EuroPython] Accomodation prices

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Tue Jan 13 20:47:19 EST 2004

I now have more specific information about the cost of accomodation at SGS 

In essence, their pricing depends on how long you stay. Since we will be 
receiving booking and payment for this lodging, such a scheme will be too 
complex to handle.

I suggest that we require people to pay for a minimum of 3 nights and that we 
have a fixed price per night for 3-6 nights and a lower price for 7 nights 
and more (people staying for sprints or holidays)

Before group discounts have been negotiated, we would have the following 

Bed in two bed room
3-6 nights SEK 242/night (26.50 Euro)
7+ nights SEK 172/night (19 Euro)

Bed in 4 bed room
3-6 nights SEK 141/night (15.50 Euro)
7+ nights SEK 104/night (11.50 Euro)

The prices assume that people stay in the same rooms and that we fill the 
rooms. My guess is that we can fill the cost of any gaps with the discounts 

We need to have a pretty good idea of our bookings one month before the 
conference and have all the bookings fixed 2 weeks in advance.

The one single room we have is almost twice as expensive as half a double.

We need to come up with a suitable scheme for how to accept reservations.
Some constraints:
- We want to prioritize sprinters, who will be staying for a longer period.
- We want to prioritize people on a shoestring budget.
- We want to accomodate people who want to share rooms as much as possible.
- It should be possible for a couple to reserve a whole 2 bed room and a 
family to reserve a whole 4 bed room (or for any constellation to reserve a 
whole room for that matter)

The standard of the rooms is as follows:
- Basic hotel standard furniture
- Bathroom in each room
- Bed linen and towels included - you make your own bed
- Access to kitchen where you can have breakfast and cook meals
- I think there is a small TV in each room, but who cares



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