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Från: Jacob Hallén <jacob at>
> One way fare is SEK 40, 
> which you need to have in Swedish money. 

It might be worth pointing out that Sweden isn't in Euroland,
and that you need cash on all buses, but can always pay with 
credit cards in taxis. (I guess buses and vendor machines are
among the few places where you need cash...)

> Arriving at the Stena ferry terminal
> There are 2 terminals, one for ferries from Kiel and one for ferries from 
> Fredrikshavn in Denmark. To get to a tramline, you walk about 3 blocks 
> inland, perpendicular to the docks. Take the first tram that goes in an 
> up-river direction. They all go to the centre of town.

That means towards your left if you have the river behind you. I.e. cross 
the tracks before entering a tram. (Or you'll end up at Saltholmen, see
> Public transit
> All public transit runs on a single coupon system. You buy coupon cards for 
> SEK 100 each at Pressbyrån, Tidpunkten and other marked outlets. When you 
> travel on the coupon cards, you put in the card in the machine on the vehicle 
> and press the correct number of tickets. Unless travelling to far out 
> suburbs, you will always stamp 2 coupons. 

Note that this (SEK 13.30 i.e. roughly Eur 1.5) is even valid on the local 
ferries. There are some ferries that just cross the river, and others that 
go from the bus/tram stop at Saltholmen to the southern archipelago. See 
(sorry for the long URL, I actually trimmed it down a bit...)

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