[EuroPython] Website update - feedback requested!

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Sun Jan 18 11:36:54 EST 2004

"Tom Deprez" <tom at aragne.com> writes:

>> The talk matrix was funky.  Are reportlab willing to do the programme
>> generation stuff again?  Someone on the webwerkers (sic) group should
>> probably liase with them...
> hehe, thanks, although reportlab had nothing to do with the talk matrix
> on the website... :-)

Um, yes, I knew that.  I hope I didn't mislead anyone with that remark.

> (Reportlab was responsible for everything on pdf-related and I'm sure -I
> hope- they are still willing to do this)

Good, I thought so too.  But it would be nice to hear from them again
to be sure.

> I created the website talk-matrix after Guido told that the presentation
> of talks could be better ;-)

And there was much rejoicing!


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