[EuroPython] Formal organisation

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Wed Jan 21 10:56:26 EST 2004

We need to form a formal organisation that has its own financials for 
Europython, so that we are separate from anyones private economy or any 
company financials. This is required to protect both Europython and the 
people involved.

It will also allow us to keep bank accounts and other infrastructure in the 
name of Europython.

I see 2 main possibilities:

1. We form a separate non-profit organisation.

2. We form a Special Interest Group under the Python Business forum.

Either way works for me. Alternative 2 involves less paper work, but creates a 
tie that may affect the way people view Europython.

I'd like to hold a vote on this issue at the next general meeting, and I'd 
like to have any debate over the matter happen before the meeting, so that we 
don't spend time that is needed for urgent issues on a matter that could be 
discussed for a very long time.

Since I am chairman of the PBF as well as head organiser for Europython, I 
have double interests. For this reason, I will not cast my vote in this 

Once the decision is made, I will immediately start the creation of the 
organisation, whichever form we decide on.

If we select alternative 1, I would suggest making it a non-profit society 
under Swedish law (like the PBF), as I have experience with doing this, have 
most of the templates to do the paperwork and it is a very quick process.
If somebody wants to suggest another alternative, I would like to hear about 
that as soon as possible.

Jacob Hallén

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