[EuroPython] Formal organisation

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Thu Jan 22 02:17:54 EST 2004

Jacob Hallén wrote:

> We need to form a formal organisation that has its own financials for 
> Europython, so that we are separate from anyones private economy or any 
> company financials. This is required to protect both Europython and the 
> people involved.
> It will also allow us to keep bank accounts and other infrastructure in the 
> name of Europython.

I agree.

> I see 2 main possibilities:
> 1. We form a separate non-profit organisation.
> 2. We form a Special Interest Group under the Python Business forum.
> Either way works for me. Alternative 2 involves less paper work, but creates a 
> tie that may affect the way people view Europython.

My preference is for forming a separate non-profit organisation for the 
reasons Jacob state above and because I personally think that there is a 
value in EPC being formally independent from other organistions.

However, should the majority choose a SIG under EPBF, i can live with 
that too.

I also agree on forming the non-profit under Swedish law since, based on 
  what other people tell me is involved in forming non-profits in othere 
EU countries, I have the impression that it will keep the paper work to 
a minimum, while at the same time upholding the necessary legal aspects.

I too have had some experience with working and forming non-profits in 
Sweden and it is a rather painless process once you have all your papers 
in order.


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