[EuroPython] next Webwerkers' meetings: dates/times

Beatrice Fontaine bea at webwitches.com
Thu Jan 22 04:36:55 EST 2004

Hi all

>From what I have been able to gather, there are two options for next

Monday, 26th January,  18.30 Dario, Bea, Tom, Anna, but Joachim can't
participate on Monday.

I would like to take that one anyhow, because we should a) see if there
are comments on the feedback page, 2) begin moving easy content from the
old one and 3) get a hold of the Plone site. I have manager access to it
(thanks to Dario) but I can't install new products yet - no access to
root folder. Without 3), there won't be a 1) and 2).
Nevertheless, that does not really require Joachim, right?

Monday ok?

Friday, 30th January, early evening (?) seems to be an alternative too,
but Dario is worried that his brain may not be available :) That could
be when we discuss the ins and outs of Plone vs. Zope pure as far as the
forms are concerned. That is where the online payment issue would come
up again, and Joachim said he could make it for Friday.

Friday ok? what time?

Other are welcome to join, as always!


Beatrice Fontaine <bea at webwitches.com>

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