[EuroPython] Veckobostader invoices?

Beatrice Fontaine bea at webwitches.com
Thu Jul 1 04:38:45 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 14:00, Jacob Hallén wrote:


> This means that it will take a month extra before I can get my money back
> from my employer.

I don't have to deal with this anymore because I am self-employed and
hence footing my own bills, but even my bookkeeper accepts the printout
of the registration confirmation as a cost, as he would with every other
online purchase. Have you tried that?

> Laura is ill and will get to receipts when she is well again.

Uh-Oh. There is a vicious cold going around the north at the moment. The
3-week kind of summer flu. Did it make its way down south?

> If you want professional organisers, you pay for them. Europython is a 
> volunteer effort, and an understaffed one. The way to make sure these things 
> are done in a professional way is to put in your own volunteer effort.

I also believe that post-conference exhaustion is an acceptable
explanation for sudden organiser absence. It is true that pulling off an
international conference in one's "spare" time is quite an act of will,
especially one that meets the expectations commonly associated with such
events. Some of us volunteers had little time to work on their actual
job in the 2-3 months preceding the conference, also the self-employed
ones (like me). But it is also a lot of fun, so it's definitely worth
it! I am absolutely thrilled I got to eat at that theatre, and that
wasn't even part of the conference proper :)

Reinoud: you are right, of course. The invoicing issue must be taken
care of better next year. As Jacob said, it really does require more
volunteers at many levels to make sure that all parts of the conference,
including paper logistics, are taken care of without glitches. It
requires the coordination of a team whose members may never have met
before. Quite exciting, especially when it actually works ;)

Anyhow, #europython on irc.freenode.net is alive and kicking, despite
the summer holiday. You are all welcome to come and give your feedback
or join the bunch!

See you there?


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