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Magnus Lycka magnus at
Tue Jun 1 11:57:04 EDT 2004

I imagine many of us would make our auditors happy by having proper
invoices for this. I would (P04122231501), but is this a convenient
way to handle it? Wouldn't it be simpler to print out all the 
registrations on some kind of invoice form so that anybody who 
wishes might get his in Göteborg? (Or through the site.)

(No, I'm not doing this...I still have my second talk to prepare!
Actually, I do have an ugly script for making PDF invoices that I 
use for Thinkware, but with talks, house purchase, move, baby on 
the way etc, I won't have time to adapt that. I could donate my 
ugly script though. It uses ReportLab and has no interface what so
ever. So far, I've just made a copy of the script and changed the
specifications for each new invoice I make. Making it pass stuff 
in as parameters should not be a big deal though...I've just been 
too lazy...)

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> uh.. how do I know what amount to write the invoice for? Or is Jacob 
> taking care of this?
> /dario
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