[EuroPython] Re: Europython - important attendee information

Ivo van der Wijk ivo at amaze.nl
Thu Jun 3 10:09:03 EDT 2004

Jacob Hallén wrote:
> The countdown for the Europython conference has begun.
> Thanks to Reportlab, we have a configurable conference programme that
> you can generate and print yourself. Please note that we will not
> provide printed programmes at the conference. In order to save on
> costs we request that everyone brings their own copy.
> Daily schedules will be available.
> Instructions:
> - Connect to
> http://server.reportlab.com/cgi-bin/epc2004.cgi
> and follow the instructions on the web page.
> You will get a downloadable PDF file generated.

Very nice. Unfortunately, the wrong logo is used for Amaze - the low-res 'circle 
with A' only weblogo in stead of the specially made vectorized one with 'Amaze' 
and 'www.zopesolutions.com' which I sent to Jacob.

Can this be fixed?



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