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Magnus Lycka magnus at
Thu Jun 3 11:57:59 EDT 2004

> I heard [beer] was pretty expensive though :-(

Let's say that pub prices for good beer is an area where
we can't compete with Charleroi. Sorry. 

We still have high alcohol taxes and a sales monopoly on 
anything with more than 3.5% alcohol. Lately, a lot of foreign 
brewers have started to make 3.5% versions of their beer, so 
you can get Czeck beer or things like Bishops Finger in ordinary
stores if you don't mind that last %... But watch out for class 
I. That's almost alcohol free. It's as weak as american beer tastes!

The cheapest beer at the monopoly stores is about 1 euro for a 
half litre. These stores have a good selection, but the better
beer will cost more of course. See
Beer is "öl" in Swedish.

Beer prices (40 cl "real" beer) in Göteborg can bee seen at but I'm not sure it's
uptodate. The cheapest beer is at "John L's Pub" which is at 
Chalmers, although they close for the summer. Did I understand 
that they would be open for us? And I guess "the Summer Club" 
opens when John L's closes though. But only Tuesdays and 
Saturdays? I'm sure someone who hasn't been out of town since 
1997 can sort this out...

Something you can conclude from the pub beer price list above
is that you should avoid the main street "Avenyn" if you want
to drink (or eat) without spending so much money (although
some places seem to have relatively cheap beer until 10 pm).

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