[EuroPython] Re: So where is everyone?

Christian Heimes heimes at faho.rwth-aachen.de
Sat Jun 5 05:18:27 EDT 2004

Stuart Bishop wrote:
> Any other early arrivals around?

Yeah I've arrived yesterday evening. I know that some more zope/plone 
people will arrive today.

> There appears to be beer drinking on tomorrow, but I don't know
> what time 'evening' is in a country with 18 hours of daylight or
> who to look out for, not that I would recognize them if I did ;)

Dario want's to organize a informal 'beer' meeting today with the early 
zope/plone people and the pypy's.

I'll try to get him on phone later and I'm going to ask him to post some 
informations for the people that don't know this lovly city.

You can email me (we have wifi in our hotel rooms) or call me: 
http://www.alltomgoteborg.tv4.se/E/V/GBGSE/0000/28/52/ room 634.


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