[EuroPython] EPC 2005 and 2006

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Wed Jun 9 08:36:22 EDT 2004

Hello fellow EuroPythoneers,

I was taken a bit by surprise by Jacobs informal poll about where to
host next year's EuroPython Conference - we had been preparing a
suggestion to host it at CERN in Geneve, and were not expecting to
present this until after the conference was over.

However, since almost 80% or more of the crowd yesterday voted for
Göteborg (yay! :-), we'd like to present CERN as a candidate for EPC 2006.

There has allready been some initial contacts with CERN and there is
some unofficial support for this. I quote:

     okay - there is a real chance to get it organised. I found a
     lot of supporters. And I will have a second meeting with other
     people later this afternoon.

and later on

     The meeting yesterday afternoon was quite promising. Of course there
     is nothing official but after only two days of hard work I am quite
     impressed :-D

CERN uses python quite a lot and a python conference in Geneve at the
very biggest research institute of europe is quite good for python

What say you folks?


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Dario Lopez-Kästen, IT Systems & Services Chalmers University of Tech.

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