[EuroPython] while it's fresh

tom tom at aragne.com
Sun Jun 13 11:28:19 EDT 2004

>   * I do not know what can be done, but the beamers were extremely
> fickle, even more so than usual. I tested a presentation monday morning
> on the beamer, saw it worked, and then when the time came my laptop was
> needed for the actual presentation the resolution was all off. At two
> instances during my track alone the beamer could basically not be made
> to work at all. I witnessed several other talks with beamer problems.

I was not aware of this issue until i heard about it on the third day,so
I could not do anything about it. I have never experinced anything like
that myself (and one of the beamers is one I use regularly), but I was
told it might have been something with the settings on the beamers

It would help to get some sort of stats regarding what machines and what
OS'es people used to try to nail it down. That is, if it's possible.

Yes, this was something bad that happened (ie projector probles) at the
conference, which was -besides some other minor issues- great (conference
dinner, nice auditoria, ...) . I don't know if we had these problems in
Chareleroi as well (I was mostly not able to attend the tracks). At
Chareleroi we had hired a professional person for the projectors, which can
help more (but is also more costly).

What I propose is the following:

1. Drop a switchbox next to the projector and place a default pc which is
tested beforehand. Now, with the switchbox, people can use their own pc for
a presentation, but if things go wrong, people can just take the default pc
(they do need to have their presentation dropped on the network, usb or cd

2. Use eg kingston locks for locking the default pc and projector, so the
projectors and default pc's don't have to be moved during evenings, noon,

Thursday, I started on a document writing some things down which could be
used as a checklist for other conference organisers. This document just is
way to pass experience from previous conferences to others.


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