[EuroPython] EPC 2005 and 2006

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Jun 14 07:51:04 EDT 2004

On måndag 14 juni 2004 12.52, Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
> Tom Deprez wrote:
> > I only heard other peoples at the conference stressing out they were
> > interesting in organising one. Of course, if these people don't react,
> > then CERN it will be. The only thing is that it seems that CERN needs to
> > be quickly decided which will give the others no time to prepare a
> > proposal. It would also mean four succesive conferences in the more rich
> > countries of Europe (which might leave some people -who are not able to
> > come- out of the running for some years)
> but that is a problem for everyone - the longer away from one's own
> country the conference is held, the more expensive it gets.
> As a comparison, I believe that Belgium was quite expensive too (or am I
> mistaken?).
> But yes, Switserland (sp?) and Genea are epxensive towns (dunno about he
> hotels though).
> let's just hope someone steps forward to organise the conference in a
> less expensive country, if there are still such countries in europe by
> 2005/2006 :-)
> /dario

To be able to evaluate the different factors of arranging a conference in a 
certain location, we need to have a proposal - much like the one I prepared 
last fall for the Göteborg bid.

It needs to contain the following information:

- Planning team
Who are the people on-site who will work on setting up the conference?

- Conference venue
How many rooms, room sizes, room quality, equipment, network access

- Sprints
Space availability for sprints before and after the conference

- Food
Quality, costs

- Accomodation
Quality, costs

- Travel
Availability, budget alternatives

- Attendance costs
An estimate of total costs to attend for someone from out of town

- Other factors and arrangements
Sightseeing, special arrangements, factors speaking for the location, 
limitations, ideas for improving Europython.

Without a proposal document, I don't think we should decide on any location. 
It would leave too many factors to chance. Please note that the proposal 
doesn't have to have all the things ready, but there should at least be a 
plan for how to handle each factor and an estimate of the costs and amount of 
work involved.



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