Re: [EuroPython] EPC 2005 and 2006

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Mon Jun 14 09:38:21 EDT 2004

Tom wrote:
> It would also mean four succesive conferences in the more rich
> countries of Europe (which might leave some people -who are not able to
> come- out of the running for some years)

No Tom, the CERN plan is for 2006, so it'll be 3 or 5 years in "rich" 
countries depending on where EPC 2005 will be located...

As Jacob wrote, a proper proposal is required, regardless of whether we
will be in CERN or somewhere else.

Anyway, this is starting to become such a big arrangement that it seems
that proposals to be considered for arranging EPC 20XX should be presented
no later than at EPC 20XX-1. 

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