[EuroPython] Web site wonderings

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Mar 2 07:11:48 EST 2004

Dario Lopez-Kästen <dario at ita.chalmers.se> writes:

> I ****REALLY*** would like to point out the fact that *EVERYBODY* was
> suppopsed to have come back to us with feedback and observations like
> "should it really look this/that way" for the past 3 weeks. Not now,
> but, like, last week at the latest.

Sorry.  Life gets in the way, etc.  Besides up until /fairly/ recently
the website was so raw that it was hard for someone who hadn't been
working on it and didn't understand plone to make head or tail of (at
least, I couldn't).  Now you've reached the point where the peanut
gallery can see what's going on and carp.

> Now, the focus should of course be to makig things better, so we are
> open to any alternative suggestions that may arise. However, merely
> asking whether something should look like that or not without a
> couterproposal will get very few things done.
> The way it was setup up previously was like this:
> EPC 2004 at the top, it being a symlink to /conferences/epc2004
> however, since it opened up the navigation box in the bottom half, it
> was deemed to be unusually hard for visitors to understand, thus it
> was changed to be the way it is now.

Is there a chance that having OrderedFolders (or whatever it was)
installed will make this more sensible?

> It is not the best solution but the best so far. Any opinions on
> alternative ways of doing this, please give them *NOW* so that we have
> a chance to change it.

I'm afraid I'm too ignorant to see the possibilities :-(

Having some stuff under /epc/current and some other stuff under
/epc/conferences/epc2004 does seem suboptimal.  If we can
reorg. things so that on going to the root of the site the user sees
in the nav box:

    About the EPC

and there's a big fat link in the content area to
/epc/conferences/epc2004, then that suits *me* fine.  Others may have
other complaints.

> Apologies for the somewhat harsh tone of this mail, it is not directed
> at you personally, but to the list in general - it is bad style to
> ignore bea's pleas for feedback during three weeks and then, when
> everybody suddenly realises that "shit, we need to have the website
> online yesterday" all kinds of opinions, some not so nicely presented,
> come flying by.

Feel free to be rude back :-)

> But, like I said - focus is on getting a great website, so keep those
> questions and suggestions coming.

Indeed, the site seems to be coming together really nicely!  It's
about 90% there, we just need to do the other 90% now <wink>.


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