[EuroPython] Web site wonderings

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Tue Mar 2 10:07:41 EST 2004

Michael Hudson wrote:

 > Dario Lopez-Kästen <dario at ita.chalmers.se> writes:
 >> Martijn Faassen wrote:
 >>> What would be nice if it'd be possible to sign up for at least the
 >>> *conference* without a login. One way to do it is to let signing up
 >>> for the conference be one way to *generate* a login. It could send
 >>> an email giving login info, and asks the user to please log in with
 >>> supplied random password and enter their conference preferences and
 >>> the like.
 >> this was more or less the idea we (or at least I) had in mind, but we
 >> are then assuming that everybody who signs up will be attending the
 >> conference.
 > Um... why?  So long as it's possible to join the site independently of
 > registering for the con as well, is this a problem?  And, after all,
 > you, me, bea, gnube, etc have all joined the site like this.

uh... right. How about this:

1) Sign up for the site
1.b) We prod you about personal info (optional as long as you haven't 
signed up for the conference or any other activity that needs personal 
info) and incidentally we ask if you wish to sing up for the 2004 
conference (though this is optional)
2) Once you are signed up to the site you can with the same sign up 
specify if you want to sign up for the conference, submit a paper etc.

Each thing uses your personal information that you specified at some 
point - no need to re-enter any info.

Alternatively, every time people sign up to the conference or any other 
activity on the site, an account is created for them (unless they have 
one previously).

The main point we are trying to make is that we need personal info on 
people. NAd if we don't want to force them to enter it more than once 
(for everybody else than plain conference attendants) then we need to be 
able to retrieve that info somehow.

Now, I have a small doubt - how much of this, if anything is actually in 

/dario - will shut up now.

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