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Magnus Lycka magnus at
Tue Mar 2 18:18:45 EST 2004

Jacob wrote:
> We have a day or two before the website _must_ go live. 

That sounds like a very short time to fix this for people
who happen to have other jobs they need to handle besides
this... Particularly since there seems to be some work
left on the pure content side as well. E.g.
directs people to the Charleroi team...

The site seems inconsistent on when early bird registration
will start. 15th of March according to and
and 1st of March according to

I assume registration start at 15th of March isn't bad.

I doubt that people will rush to register for the
conference before there is any real content presented for
the conference. First of all, I think we need people to 
submit talks, and present that to the web site visitors.

I felt this was a big problem last year, when EPC was new to
me and I didn't know what to expect from it. The web site was
advertised, and I looked week after week for some kind of
content, so that I could find out what to expect if I went
there. It took (I felt) a long time before stuff started to
appear. It was only through the mailing list and by guessing
that it would be similar to the previous year that I managed
to get an impression of what the conference would be like.

It's my opinion that it's bad to advertise something before
you have something substantial to offer. A lot of people will
just turn away and ignore you when you try to approach them
again. So, don't bang on the big drum to get people to register
until we are clear on the keynote speakers, and have at least
a substancial part of the speakers list.

> 3. People registering for talks, attendance and lodging should be uniquely 
> identified by an email address they provide. They should not be required to 
> supply a password. 

Registration with an email address certainly makes sense
to me. Is it reasonably easy to set plone up so that 
people need to use a valid email address as user name?

If I've registered information on the web site, I want to
be able to see what info I've entered, and maybe change
things. It should certainly not be possible for me to see
someone elses personal info just by typing in their email
address. This makes me feel that a password is required.
But it's fine with me if the system makes a password and
mails it to me when I've registered. I'd also like to be
able to get a password reminder via email.

It seems trivial to write code to generate a password and
send that in an email similar to the kind of join mailing 
list emails that Mailman sends. I don't know how easy it
is to integrate this with the Plone system though.

Password generation could be done something like this:
import random
chars = "ABCDEFGHJKLMNPRSTUVWXYZabcdefghjkmnopqrstuvwxyz23456789"
"".join([random.choice(chars) for x in range(8)])

(My experience is that including 1, l, I, O and 0 in
generated passwords causes support to users who misread
the characters and complain that the password doesn't
work. I guess some special characters could be ok as 
well, but maybe 55**8 different passwords is enough?)

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