[EuroPython] Web site wonderings

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Tue Mar 2 19:17:22 EST 2004

On onsdag 3 mars 2004 00.41, Magnus Lycka wrote:
> Laura wrote:
> > People with multiple email addresses who cannot remember which one
> > they used to instantiate official identity on the website -- will
> > often instatiate again, suffer website-multiple-personality-disorder.
> > Making this thing do call by reference, via 'Full Name' may work, or
> > may not.  So what.
> But what if they got an email sent to the mail address they
> registered with, saying something like:
> '''
> Confirmation of registration for the EuroPython 2004 Conference.
> Someone (presumably you) have registered to attend at the EuroPython
> 2004 Conference in ... with the following information:
> [snip]
> Please get in touch with us at admin at europython.org if this
> is not correct.
> Log in to the EPC web site at [url] using whatever at example.com with
> password ew435df2 if you want to change or add any information,
> such as food preferences or to submit papers etc, or if you want
> to book a room at our bla bla bla.
> Make sure that you save this information for further reference.
> '''
> Don't you think that would reduce the burden a bit?

It would be a lot better, usability wise.


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