Re: [EuroPython] website registration workflow

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Wed Mar 3 05:35:33 EST 2004

> Zope & CMF don't permit usernames = emails due a standard where you
> can't have member folders = email. I have made a patch for a customer of
> mine who doesn't use member folders to allow emails as usernames but
> everything else is CMF/Plonish.

I assume it would be possible to perform some
kind of trick like
username = email.lower().replace('@','AT').replace('.','DOT')

(as far as I understand, email addresses are supposed to be
case insensitive) and 

email = username.replace('AT','@').replace('DOT','.')

to allow the use of both email logins and member folders.

Or are there other restrictions, such as length, that cause

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