[EuroPython] Web site wonderings

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed Mar 3 06:51:00 EST 2004

Chris Withers <lists at simplistix.co.uk> writes:

> Laura Creighton wrote:
>> Accounts for me are things with passwords.  You have to supply a
>> password, and then are stuck remembering the damn thing, and then
>> typing it to use the system.  I have 0% faith in password security,
>> so all I consider this is a barrier to commerce (and other activity).
> Urm, I may be missing something here, but I suspect you may in a mintority there...
>> If everybody could have an account which is their email address, and
>> which had the password, <no password>, and where they were never prompted
>> for a password, then I would say that people had accounts which were
>> hassle free -- so hassle free that they were not aware that they had
>> accounts, and just interacted with the website.
> ...I don't think I'd even like to specify what talks I'd be attending
> without typing in a password over SSL ;-)
> The website _is_ SSL'ed, right?!

For payment it will be.  Probably not for anything else.


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