[EuroPython] Plone info

Tom Deprez tom at aragne.com
Wed Mar 3 17:44:55 EST 2004


I'm a little bit lost in Plone, but can somebody point me to a document
where I can find out about the folliowing:

1) Add a 'metadata' property to some of the documents.
2) How to create an index_html page with the whole plone framework (ie
navigation, header, footer, etc), but in which I can use some page
template code to iterate over a python script. All I need to know is
what I've to do to get some custom content (in this case an iteration
over a python script) on a page (eg index_html) with the plone layout.

It's probably easy, but I'm unable to find the right documentation and
this costs too much of my time. I hope there are some Plone addicts
which can point me directly to the right direction.

Thanks in advance,

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