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Ali El Dada eldada at mdstud.chalmers.se
Thu Mar 4 06:23:23 EST 2004

I am (a Python programmer of course :) ) studying in Chalmers,  so I 
hope I can help in anything, although I have been living in Göteborg for 
only a couple of months. From this experience I can say that some places 
to visit in the city include the Liseberg park and the islands in 
Göteborg's archipelago... they should be lovely in the summer (i live on 
one of them!)

probably the best place to search is http://www.goteborg.com/ , and of 
course the tourist information office when you arrive.. this is located 
at the Kungsportsplatsen stop.. And speaking about tram/bus stops, you 
will probably need to check out http://www.vasttrafik.se , the site of 
the company responsible for transportation within the city (tram, bus, 
ferry boats...).

and i think good clubs include excet and trädgårn, but as Magnus 
indicated, that depends on taste :)

Ali El Dada

Magnus Lycka wrote:

>I've written some more info about Göteborg. This time about 
>the local industry. I thought it might be of interest to
>the visitors to know that the cameras used by the astronauts
>to take pictures on the moon were built in Göteborg etc.
>Is this relevant? Other comments? I guess it's not number
>one priority at this very moment, but it's something that
>could help build curiosity for a visit.
>I've previously written a bit on travel info, and not no
>feedback at all :( but I think almost all of the substance in
>have already appeared elsewhere in the site.
>I plan to write some more about places to visit in Göteborg
>a bit later, but that will be at least a week from now.
>Since I haven't actually lived in Göteborg since 1997 (but
>I plan to return soon :) I would need some guidence on some
>issues such as nice pubs and clubs etc. Is Nef 
>http://www.nefertiti.se/ as good as it used to be? What
>else? http://www.jazzhuset.se/ ? Folkmusikkaféet is nice for
>people who like folk dancing, but closed in the summer 
>I think. Python programmers don't go to shallow night clubs
>like Trädgår'n or Valand, do they? ;)
>Is Sommarklubben (or whatever it's called these days) open
>during the conference?
>At least for eating, the work is already done! :)

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