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Beatrice Fontaine bea at webwitches.com
Thu Mar 4 09:30:31 EST 2004

This seems to not have gone through when I sent it this morning, neither when I sent it at lunch:

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 23:44, Tom Deprez wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a little bit lost in Plone, but can somebody point me to a document
> where I can find out about the folliowing:
> 1) Add a 'metadata' property to some of the documents.
> 2) How to create an index_html page with the whole plone framework (ie
> navigation, header, footer, etc), but in which I can use some page
> template code to iterate over a python script. All I need to know is
> what I've to do to get some custom content (in this case an iteration
> over a python script) on a page (eg index_html) with the plone layout.
> It's probably easy, but I'm unable to find the right documentation and
> this costs too much of my time. I hope there are some Plone addicts
> which can point me directly to the right direction.

Hi Tom et al.

The right direction is towards the europython channel, where the usual
suspects have been toiling heavily over the last days to get the show on
the road, so to say. JoachimS is working on finishing the accommodation
part, dlk and svincic each have their local copies of stuff to test out
a variety of options and have been working hard on it, and at least mvh
and me (hopefully also some other suspects) will sit together and go
through the pages tonight to see how much we can fix in terms of
content. JoachimS is unavailable for that because he is working all day.

We want to very specifically _not_ start re-discussing things that were
agreed upon many weeks ago and whine about how everything would have
been better if one had just... we already did that part on Monday, so
case closed :)

So it would be great if you could hop on tonight. You know the content
of the existing site best so your participation is most welcome, as
always. JoachimS has built a tool to automagically take over the old
tracks, talks, etc, but sadly he won't be there tonight. Anyway, we have
enough other stuff to cover in his absence. Are you available this

see you then


bea at webwitches.com
"My agenda is so hidden that I can't find it myself". Me.

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