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Jeremiah Foster jeremiannika at comcast.net
Thu Mar 4 18:06:28 EST 2004

Hey there,

Whichever way the site is to be structured, it is clear that the work 
flow ought to be structured;

  1. Goals need to be set
  2. Deadlines firmly established
  3. Specific tasks ought to be assigned
  4. Deliverables defined
  5. Execute on deliverables

This straight forward approach may effectuate faster development time. 
It seems the team is semi-mired in a tools, content, style, discussion 
when these types of dialogs are better suited to when deadlines are not 
so near.  Discussion on high level issues is more appropriate to the 
planning stage and this seems like the development stage.

Perhaps if we prioritize according to Jacob's outline, use the old site 
as a template for the new site, and share out the content development 
amongst  team members, that might be a productive approach. If there is 
time after the site is up and functional, then we can either build out 
functionality or modify the structural framework.


- Jeremiah // Pythonian
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