[EuroPython] conference organisation and web site

Beatrice Fontaine bea at webwitches.com
Fri Mar 5 03:08:26 EST 2004

Hi all

I am aware of the fact that all the advice is well-meant but I would
like to clarify the picture here. The people working on the conference
and/or site are not a bunch of chaotic wasters and making meta-comments
on how it should be run would not solve any problems even if there were
some. The team is not discussing, the team is producing. Every one else
is discussing. The public picture is therefore rather slanted.

We are running slightly late on a self-imposed deadline, we have spent
and are spending many hours on getting the site ready, while others are
getting together more information to put on the site. The site requires
a good bit of missing content from the local suspects and some technical
fixes from the rest, in order for the registration and accommodation to
work. Yes, it would have been nice to have all the comments 6 weeks ago
when we asked for them, but they didn't come. Now we get them, now we
make the site. Some comments will be taken on board, others won't.

As always: #europython.

see you there


bea at webwitches.com
"My agenda is so hidden that I can't find it myself". Me.

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