[EuroPython] website new feedback :)

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Fri Mar 5 17:46:53 EST 2004

Hi there,

Bea, of course I didn't hear a thing about me being right about the tabs. :)

Anyway, the tabs make navigation is a lot easier now. Some feedback 
based on what I can see now. Sorry this is so incremental, but of course 
I work this out as I go along:


This needs to be one page with the important facts, with what where when 
how much, how to join, how to help. It doesn't have everything yet.

'How to attend':

Perhaps call this 'attending'.

We need to have stand out more that registration is not open at this 
point, but will open soon, under its own heading. Preferably at the top 
of the page, not at the bottom like it is now. Registration itself also 
needs to be at the top of the page, with more details aobut when, where 
and how much later on.

'How to register for talks'

A subtly confusing title. You register to *give* talks, not to attend 
talks. The link to actually submit a talk needs to be higher up, so it 
doesn't scroll down off the page and I don't have to wade through text.

Also I think the conference *contents* needs to come first. So, perhaps 
call this 'talks', not registering for talks, and fill the contents with 
what tracks there are (already there) and later on the famous talk matrix.

Right now need to give prominence to how to submit a talk, but it's 
fairly natural for a person who wants to do so to click on 'talks' too.

'How to submit refereed papers'

I don't think this needs it own tab entry. I'd also shorten this to 
'refereed papers' so that if you keep it as a tab this can turn into a 
list of the papers later on, once they're submitted.

'Where does it happen'

Doesn't need its own entry as linked from 'attending', as long as the 
location is in the sidebar. Once ordered folder works I assume we can 
also reorder the navigation sidebar to similar system as well. Could be 
shortened to 'location'.

In general, names in the tabs should be the same as those in the sidebar.

I'll see whether I can write/edit/rewrite at least some of these pages 
this weekend, but I'm not promising anything...



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