[EuroPython] to join or not to join

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Mar 8 08:28:01 EST 2004

On måndag 8 mars 2004 11.38, Joachim Schmitz wrote:
> hi,
> in the process of developing the workflow for the EuroPython conference,
> it became very obvious, that for the internal processing, it would be
> butthe best solution to allow any entering of data requires to be logged
> in, which in turn requires to join the site.
> Even though the technical benefit is obvious - at least for the
> web-team, there is some discussion about, if this prevents people from
> doing actions on the site, like submitting talks or even registering for
> the conference.
> So I suggest the following:
> on the main page of the EPC-site there is something like this:
> support the idea of an European Python conference and express your
> interest in the EPC 2004 in Göteborg by joining this site as a member.
> It is as easy as entering your fullname and email address.
> By this you can help us (the organizers) to make a better conference,
> also you as a member have the following advantages:
> - personalized news: what is new on the site since your last visit
> - easier registration process
> - express your personal preferences for example for food
> - book a room in a cheap accomodation
> - easier to submit talks
> more sugar for joining can be added...

This is ok by me, as long as it is true. If you have to join the site in order 
to register, we must say so explicitly, and have language explaining that 
this helps us in handling their requests.


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