[EuroPython] Agenda for today

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Mar 15 08:56:05 EST 2004

Unfortunately, Laura and I will be on a plane to Brussels when the meeting is 
held today. I hope mwh can take command of the meeting.

We need to focus on  getting the website online. Any more delays and we have 
to cancel the refereed paper track. Then we need to start on the 
registration/room reservation, so that we don't run into time problems with 
that. Our plan was to open registration/reservations today, and I guess we 
are not in a position to do that.



A. Introductions, if any

B. Information/Decision items 

C. Progress reports

D. Urgent discussion/action items
- Getting the website online
Needs to get done. Announcements to comp.lang.python.announce to be sent.
More announcements to be made. More and better texts from track chairmen.

- Registration and room reservation
Where are we now. When can we expect to be online? What help and input do the 
people working with it need?

E. Followups

F. Other items 

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