[EuroPython] Detail in transit_html etc

Magnus Lycka magnus at thinkware.se
Tue Mar 23 11:10:15 EST 2004

It's nice that the new site is live, but I found some

In conferences/epc2004/venue/transit_html it says:
"Getting to the tourist apartments at Utlandagatan"

In accomodation_html we write about "a block of 2 
and 4 bed rooms with SGS Veckobostäder". We also
use SGS Veckobostäder in epc2004/Attending/index_html/view

The average web site visitor might guess that these
are the tourist appartments at Utlandagatan, but I
still think it's better if we use a consistent label
for these rooms.

Perhaps it would be better to change the heading in
transit_html to
"Getting to SGS Veckobostäder at Utlandagatan"

BTW, in several places, such as
we get pages that look different although we are in
the same place according to the navigation tree. I
assume that "epc2004/view" should show the same
page as "epc2004/", and not that strange catalog
listing (which I assume should be invisible to web
site visitors).

Finally, one misspelled word:

http://www.europython.org/society/bylaws: s/ideel förening/ideell förening

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