[EuroPython] testing registration

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Mon Mar 29 12:06:27 EST 2004

1. I would like all the forms to fit on one page.  I hate this 'step 1,
step 2, step 3' where your information vanishes trick.
2. can we get medium tshirts
3.  SWIFT is misspelled.
4. There is no point in asking people what type of registration.
   If it is before the early bird, they should get this, and if it is
   too late, they should not.  They need to select if they are a
   speaker, but this means for the refereed track only, right, not
   for giving a talk?  So this selection is ambiguous.  We need
   to describe, in a paragraph:

  what is a student

  what is a speaker

and then let them click a checkbox saying what they are.

The 'you entered the following data' shows that it is indeed possible
to fit in pne page, but there is way too much whitespace and its should
be formatted to fit in one page without scrolling by making some fields side
by side.

Why are we collecting all this personal information?  It should
be optional, I think.

Let people get their registration id MAILED to them.

We need a chatty yap about WorldPay -- or a link to one of their
yaps -- to show that this is a secure way to pay.  I don't know
the first thing about them -- I assume we are using them for a
good reason, but it reassures me to know something about them.

I want new fields.

a) are you a vegetarian
b) have you any food allergies
c) do you have limited mobility
d) is there anything else we need to know to make your stay at our
   conference a more pleasant one.

Now, after all of this they should be referred to the Sprint Page,
to sign up for Sprints, and the Food Page, to talk in great detail
about food if they want -- so we need a food page -- and the
accomodation page, so they can reserve a room.  The closing of
registering should thank them for registering for EP, and give
them these links to choose from.


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