[EuroPython] For adding to the website

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Mar 29 13:22:53 EST 2004


Taxis in Sweden are not price regulated, and there are a few ways that
visitors can get into trouble. Mostly because they get an astronomic
bill at the end of the journey.

A few rules to avoid this:

1. All licensed taxis have yellow number plates. Never buy a ride with
someone who doesn't. They are illegal taxis, and people do get in bad
trouble riding them from time to time.

2. Some of the licensed taxis have very high fares. You avoid those by
only using "Taxi Göteborg" and "Taxis Kurir". These are the largest taxi
chains, with a reputation to protect, so you can trust them to deal with
you fairly.

3. In town, always run on the meter. 

4. For airport transfer, ask for "fast pris". This means "fixed price".
It should be around SEK 370 for going to/from Landvetter.

Taxis in general are expensive and mostly unnecessary. Public transit will
take you just about anywhere, just a tad slower.

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