[EuroPython] wanted wiki pages

Anna Ravenscroft rev_anna_r at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 20:41:47 EST 2004

--- Laura Creighton <lac at strakt.com> wrote:
> I want 3 wiki pages accessible from www.europython.org.
> One to add your name to a Sprint List, to talk about Sprints.
> One to add your lightning talk.
> One to add your BOF session.
> Pycon http://www.pycon.org/ had a Sprint page 
> http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/moinmoin/SprintPlan2004
> that was active before PyCon.
> We can steal the relevant info.

> Pycon lightning talks were not set up in advance.  This was a
> problem.
> People missed hearing things they were interested in. 

Yep - I kinda sorta volunteered to fix that for them for next year -
assuming I get to attend next year... 

> So I want a
> page
> like that ....  unless Anna who is organising this, I think, minds.

Anna would be delighted. I am busy playing tourist in DC with my kids
right now... but go ahead and setup a wiki and I'll go check it out... 

But keep in mind, I'm hoping that folks can submit a lightning talk on
the normal "submit talks" page... so we can track them. (I had
requested that previously...)

BTW - is there anywhere we can find the talks that were uploaded for
last year? Are those gone into the ether or are they saved on some old
variant of the website somewhere?


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