[EuroPython] Refereed paper submission

Cristian Lucchesi cristian.lucchesi at iit.cnr.it
Wed Mar 31 12:03:00 EST 2004

Europython.org is not available at 18.40, we have to submit a refereed
paper so we have think to send the abstract here:

Author: Marco Andreini, Cristian Lucchesi, Maurizio Martinelli, Giuseppe
Vasarelli of Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT), Italian
National Research Council (CNR).

The amount of paper documents that need to be digitized is huge. It is
useful to have a system to capture and query them on line in a simple

In this paper we present an acquisition and information retrivial system
based on Zope/Plone, that allows a quick definition of costumized data
type and an easy management of the storage of digitized documents.

Using the Archetypes extension, it is possible to obtain the relevant
interfaces and dynamic validations that allow multiple users to input
such documents in a simple and quick way. In addition, the python
client, which has been designed to work on HTTP/HTTPS, automatizes the
acquisition phases and the delivery of the data to the server.

Making the storage of data independent from the ZODB (the limit of which
is hightlighted by our benchmarks) and making it be dependent just on
the transactional filesystems and on the Postgresql DBMS, it is possible
to support a good scalability even for millions of documents and for
hundreds of GigaBytes of images.

The architecture is fully compliant with web standards and with its
design principles.

The approach of this paper is applied to a case study regarding the
acquisition and the queries of millions of paper documents belonging to
the Italian Registration Authoriy for Internet Domain Names.

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