[EuroPython] early bird countdown

Beatrice Fontaine bea at webwitches.com
Sat May 1 07:29:46 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 20:11, Stefane Fermigier wrote:


> We're still waiting for our talks to be accepted or not.
> 	S.


>From what I got as a search result, you submitted talks to Heimo
Laukkanen's track, right? so I am cc'ing this to him to be sure. 

Because today is the last day for early bird registrations, my
non-organiser recommendation is the following: register at the speaker
fee level anyhow, because you should have known before the end of the
early bird deadline if your talk has been accepted or not. If there is
anything wrong with that assessment, it can always be corrected later.
How's that? It makes sense to me, anyhow.



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