[EuroPython] Agenda for tomorrow?

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Sun May 2 07:53:15 EDT 2004


here is a bunch of things I'd like us to start discussing - perhaps it 
might be a good idea to have some of these items in tomorrows agenda?

- attendee count

- speakers count

- What to do is track chairs do not on talk submissions

- Absolute deadline for when a talk shoudl be accepted or not
   - there have been several inquiries to the list and off list
     from prospective speakers asking when they will know if their
     talk has been accepted or not

- Programme for the conference - when declare it public?
   - depends on the two items above

- Summary of known sprints.
   - which ones
   - contact persons

- summary of known sponsors
   - which ones
   - their contribution

- Summary of known exibitiors (if any) and other people.

- budget
   - what does the conference budget llok like
   - are there any issues that are worrysome?

- Logistics
   - Dates when the various people involved in the organisation
     will arrive
     - Track chairs
     - Sprint organisers
     - sponsors/exhibitors
     - EPC folks

   - Practical things
     - visitor reception
     - track chairs needing help?
       - I know that some track chairs are taking care of this
         themselves, but I'd like a summary from them anyway
     - Security
       - do we need any? I so of what kind? Can we skip it altogether?
     - assign one or two poeple the overall organiser
     - make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be abelt
       to do more than just be an organiser (ie. attend sessions, etc)
     - sponsor/exibitor reception

    - Catering/food status

    - Items that need to be taken care of RSN but that none has been
     able to attend to yet.



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Dario Lopez-Kästen, IT Systems & Services Chalmers University of Tech.

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