[EuroPython] Needed: People who conduct interviews

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Fri May 7 04:08:39 EDT 2004

Hi there,

Would all volunteers who want to conduct interviews please report to the 
list? We especially need volunteers to conduct interviews to the Zope 
track, but more interviewers for the other tracks are welcome too of course.

We don't need more interview candidates. We have plenty. We just don't 
have interviewers. If you insist someone gets interviewed, become an 
interviewer! As an interviewer, you can practically set your own 
candidates, as long as these people at least show up at EuroPython (them 
speaking or running a track would be nice but isn't even required).

An interview is just a bunch of emails back and forth, and/or an irc 
conversation. You can ask others for help if you have trouble coming up 
with questions. Then you format it, and place it at the EuroPython site at:


Interviews are a GREAT way of building up excitement about the 
conference and attracting more people to attend. That is, if we do the 
interviews now and start announcing them regularly to the world.

I'm sure 15 interviewers will now stand up and start conducting 
interviews straight away! Thank you all!



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