[EuroPython] Re: Putting your talks in the schedule

John Pinner john at clocksoft.com
Sun May 9 16:20:46 EDT 2004


I have attempted to put talks into the schedule for the Business Track, 
a clunky job it is too!

Of 6 talks I set up as instructed, only two show on the schedule.

I wanted to put in a 15 minute 'Intro to the Business Track' but could 
not - presumably because submissions have closed. My fault.

I have reduced the time allocated to the panel discussions and this has 
reduced the Business track to 3 blocks from 4, you will be glad to know.

The schedule I tried to enter was:

Day 1:

13:30  Introduction to Business Track
13:45  How Python has helped us to convince prospective customers
14:15  10 reasons why you should give a Sh*t about Zope

15:30  How to write large-scale applications with Python
16:15  Licensing your Python Apps - Panel

Day 2:

13:30  EMC Vehicle Testing with Python
14:15  Software Patents and DRM - Panel

best wishes,


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