[EuroPython] Re: Accepted talks on Europython ( Zope-track )

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Mon May 10 15:21:44 EDT 2004

Tom Deprez wrote:

>I agree with Martijn here.
>60 Minute talks are indeed long. It asks a lot from the public to keep
>focused for 60min on the same object.
>With talks of 60min, there is a big chance some parts are completely
>missed by the public, so it is better to have some change in subjects,
>which keep the public more focused. That's why I prefer talks lesser
>than 45min (my opinion)
>You could reduce them to 30min or 45min. If you do the last, you already
>have one extra slot of 30 min available.

I agree, for the sake of getting another perspective on schemas 
implementations if the CPSSchemas talk could be fitted after one of the 
Archetypes talks, it would make the whole thing even more interesting. 
Zope3 has yet another implementation so obvioulsy there is more than one 
way to do schemas.

Regard /JM

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