[EuroPython] Keynote problem

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Tue May 11 16:22:46 EDT 2004

I discovered today that we did not have the big keynote hall reserved for our 
keynotes. While Tuesday is not a problem; the hall is available from 17.00, 
the hall is booked all of Monday, until 20.00. It is also booked all 
Wednesday, so moving the keynote is not an option.

I see the following alternatives:

1. Hold the keynote in our largest room. It holds 202 people (plus sime in the 

2. Rent the largest thing available on campus apart from "Runan" (the big 
lecture hall). This has a slightly higher capacity (225 or something like 

3. Rent the main restaurant of the Student Union for the keynote.
It will have more than enough capacity, but is not set up with beamer and 

4. Move the keynote to a totally different location, with a higher capacity.

1. is the most convenient alternative.

2. requires a little walk (and I'm not 100% sure it isn't booked.

3. may be a tad expensive, but should still be within budget.

4. requires a bit of work, and will be a hassle with transports.


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