[EuroPython] Impressive talk matrix

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed May 12 05:12:08 EDT 2004

Harald Armin Massa <ghum at gmx.net> writes:

> I looked at the scheduled talks, and it really looks very impressive!
> It really shows a lot of dedicated work, and made me feel proud to be
> at EP.

Good!  I think it looks pretty amazing, too.

> May I suggest:
> - that the "open slots" on the third day should be filled with
>   "lightning talk" (as scheduled), to avoid that people plan to leave
>   early

Yeah, I've been thinking about how to arrange this...

BTW, it's now set up so that if the lightning talks that are accepted
are scheduled, they'll appear.

> - that after that improvement links to the talk matrix are distributed
>   to the usual suspects and ususal newsgroups?

Yes!  I've already put a link on www.python.org, but an announcement
or two can hardly hurt.


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