[EuroPython] Impressive talk matrix

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed May 12 05:33:29 EDT 2004

Magnus Lycka <magnus at thinkware.se> writes:

>> Harald Armin Massa <ghum at gmx.net> writes:
>> > May I suggest:
>> >
>> > - that the "open slots" on the third day should be filled with
>> >   "lightning talk" (as scheduled), to avoid that people plan to leave
>> >   early
> Michael Hudson wrote:
>> Yeah, I've been thinking about how to arrange this...
> It would be good to state clearly on the web pages that the
> talk matrix (as well as the talk list) is a draft, and not
> in its final state.

While you're probably right, part of me grates at writing 'draft' on a
conference programme, as no conference programme is ever fixed in


  Counting lines is probably a good idea if you want to print it out
  and are short on paper, but I fail to see the purpose otherwise.
                                        -- Erik Naggum, comp.lang.lisp

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