[EuroPython] Deleting records and other things

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon May 17 04:23:02 EDT 2004

Jacob Hallén <jacob at strakt.com> writes:

> How do I delete records in the registration database that are obviously bogus?

By hand, or automatically?  By hand, I'd have thought "switch to
content view" in the plone interface would work, and downright certain
that you can delete them in the ZMI.

> I would like to mark the swift payment-type records that I have received 
> payment for as paid. Is there a way for me to do that?


> I would like to be able to manually add a payed status to failed or 
> un-executed credit card records, if the person pays by Swift or some other 
> means. Can I do this?


> We don't seem to have biographies for the speakers. I think we should. Can we 
> add a simple page, where speakers can enter their biographies, and these 
> automatically get tied to their spakers records in the database?

As I understand it, there isn't really a 'Speaker' object in the
product.  So it's unclear where this should go.  Of course, all
speakers are in principle registered, so something could be attached
to their entry in ../info/people/.  Hmm.

> I entered a talk for Jef Raskins. This resulted in me getting a record saying 
> that I am a speaker. Similarily, John Pinner is supposed to give 13 talks, 
> poor man. 

How did you detect this?  Each talk has a 'submitter' property and an
'authorname' property.  The latter is definitive...

> How do we correct this, so we actually get one record per real
> speaker, and it correctly reflects the number of talks given? I
> think it is important to do so, in order to make a check that all
> speakers have registered possible.

Hmm, yes.  I'm not sure.

> The page http://www.europython.org/conferences/epc2004/info/people_all_fields 
> now dumps all records in the database that contain a lastname. This hides of 
> most of the bogus records, but not all of them.

So my cryptic hints on how to do things like that were of some use?  Good!


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