[EuroPython] can we make invoices yet?

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Wed May 19 16:11:35 EDT 2004

On onsdag 19 maj 2004 20.37, Magnus Lycka wrote:
> > Which reminds me - being the treasurer and all for EP Society, where can
> > I get hold of all the data for the society? Bank account, F-skattenumber
> > etc?
> Is the EP Society registered to pay "F-skatt" (corporate taxes)?
> Really?

Europython is a non-profit organisation, and as long as we are not doing 
business with a purpose of making a profit, we do not need to register for 
paying taxes or making tax returns. Indeed, we are not required to keep 
accounting by the tax authorities.

We are not allowed to charge VAT, and we are not allowed to deduct VAT that we 
pay to companies that supply goods and services.

This is what I have understood to be the case after reading the special 
brochure that the tax office has made:

"Skatteregler för ideella föreingar och stiftelser"

This can be downloaded from the website of the tax office. Unfortunately it is 
only availabe in Swedish (as far as I know).


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