[EuroPython] next year's europython conference

Beatrice Fontaine bea at webwitches.com
Tue Oct 5 08:49:18 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 21:02, Jacob Hallén wrote:

> I suggest we do it Thursday 7 October at 18.30 CET.

Fine for me. 17.30 would be even better (seems to fit Dario). Later is
ok too.

> I propose that we hold the 2005 conference at Chalmers in Göteborg, Sweden in 
> the week of 26 June - 1 July. I somebody else wanst to suggest an alternative 
> place and/or time, please do so to this list before the meeting.

You have my vote :)

Talk to you on Thursday then


bea at webwitches.com
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