[EuroPython] The layout of EPC

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Thu Oct 7 15:34:08 CEST 2004

mvm wrote:
>>>Most of the complaints are about VISUAL LAYOUT of the site, but that is 
>>>*so* much an opinion and
>>And a number of complaints about the internals are coming from people who 
>>did *not* participate in the web team last year. 
>>That makes their opinion less... informed (at least).
>>Nicolas Chauvat
> If there is a number of complaints about VISUAL LAYOUT, 
> what about this attachment, I took a few time to make a layout 
> easy to put quickly in the "Plone" web site of EuroPython.

Looks neat. What typefaces, colors, etc are you using? Do you have the 
original EPC logo as well?

What about size of the images?



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